Desgin of Deir Al-hatab Secondary School

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Abu Hneish, Mohammed
Sabbah, Khaleel
Halees, Maan
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Starting from the fact that education and educational process is important for the coming generation, and for the society as well, and in order to provide the appropriate education for students, and make sure that they are receiving their education in an appropriate academic atmosphere, this project will be about schools. The Project presents an integrative design of a school in Deir Al-Hatab town near Nablus city in Palestine The Project will be designed in an integrated manner which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects. The architectural design takes into consideration the form and orientation of the building, in addition to the appropriate areas for each part that depend on the function of the building, and the environmental requirements concentrate friendly one. In the structural design, the structure will be designed using computer software(SAP 2000); the analysis will include 3-D model, soil structure interaction, dynamic analysis, and seismic design. The HVAC, water, and sanitary systems will be designed through mechanical design. In addition, the electrical design includes lighting and power systems.