Structural analysis and design of Tareq Al-Alool building - Nablus

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saif, Yazan
othman, Motaz
masalha, Mohammad
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To complete the graduation phase in Civil Engineering Department , we completed the graduation project through a seismic analysis and design of the Tareq Al-Alool building in Nablus , using Etab and SAP programs , that The total area of the building was 5500 square meters , consisting of 11 floors , that is located near old campus of An-Najah National University. During this project we added dead and live loads and expected seismic loads from its codes , and from the architectural plans of the building , we designed the slabs , columns, beams and concrete walls with dimensions and thicknesses, and choose the appropriate concrete strength using the Etab program , where we made a little changes in architectural plans to resistance the seismic load expected on the building , and also we designed the foundation and part of the stairs using SAP program , where is the foundation type is (matt), and then we find the appropriate reinforcement of each part of the construction by choosing the suitable diameters of steel , lengths , places and distances between them.