Soft Dough Divider Machine

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Atheer Salameh
Raed Ghanem
Soha Ali
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The aim of the project is to operate this machine to solve the problem of existing  and that the machines on the market dont meet the requirements needed for the production of soft dough, so in this project it's offered the requirements of the market and produce a machine contain world-class.It discuss the manufacture of full automated mechanical machine for the production of uniform weight cut dough, where a person can electronically request any weight, which facilitates the process of cutting the dough and the desired weight. As well as a person can also control the number of pieces produced by the machine during the time, and any number of pieces that have generated as needed. By this way saves time, effort and money together, and gives a high accuracy of the product.This project aims to understand the Mechatronics systems and how to build such one, and learn the team work, learn the responsibility.  Design of volumetric dough divider, its automatic division of dough into pieces of equal volume and weight, the weight of the dough itself cuts the dough thanks to the vacuum generated by piston cylinder movement, also variation of the weight in the outgoing dough pieces results from the adjustment of the volume of the chamber located in the drum. Also explained VDDM component, these components have a specific material descriptions and technical specifications that specify  the operating of this system(divider machine).