Causes of Delay in Construction Projects in Palestine

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Ismail Rami Alkhatib
Nadeen Zughaier
Ahmad Ali Abu Zuhri
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Contracting sector plays an important part in the Palestinian economic sector, although it suffers from some problems and difficulties in the past few years. One of the main problems the contracting sector suffers from is the delay in delivering construction projects in their required time. This study aims to identify the main causes of delay and to propose some solutions to get rid of this problem. After the questionnaire required to be distributed among the contractors was ready, the sample size was determined to be 75 samples. These samples were distributed among the contracting companies of Nablus and Ramallah between the months of October and November 2018. The results obtained from this study were as follows: • The most eight important causes of delay in delivering construction projects are: 1- Policy adoption of awarding the tender to the lowest evaluated bidder and not considering any other standards. 2- Shortage of skilled labors and low productivity of labors available in the market. 3- Owner’s payments delay. 4- Intense competition between contractors, to the extent of bidding at cost prices or by losses. 5- Inability of contractor to manage his projects due to their large number and complexity. 6- Inadequate experience of consultant. 7- Poor structures of companies. 8- Inadequate experience of site engineer.