Smart Windows

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Bdair, Ghadeer
sholi, Anwar
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Windows in homes, houses, villas and cars need to be covered to protect people's privacy, curtains are good but can you remember how many times you forgot to close curtains, what about high windows, how hard to put curtains on them? What about villas, how many windows in them, can you cover all those windows manually? This idea aims to get rid of curtains and use a smart windows that allows sunlight to pass through the day and becomes dark automatically when sun falls down. This project will make people's life easier by stopping using curtains that need human efforts to open or close and use windows that change their transparency depending on the intensity of the external light. Short preview for methodology: For the purposes of this project, a simple questionnaire will be made on Google drive forms and it will be post for people to know if they will buy this product or not.