“Design of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine (ASBM)”

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Mohammed Marwan
Ahmad Arda
Omair Bani oudeh
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We have a several problem we face it in Palestine market one of the existed problem we have no availability of an automatic stirrup bending machine for construction column , that means that it is existed but with high cost so the constructer can’t buy it because of that they go to use the manual bending machine and this causes waste of time, effort and a higher cost due to the need of an a worker to manage the machine, This project considers design and building an automatic stirrup bending machine to form stirrups with different dimensions and sizes. The machine is proposed to be accurate and specific with fast production rate, also it must be safe and easy to program and operate. The machine target to form closed loop stirrups from steel reinforce bar which used in concrete beams and columns specially for 8mm and 6mm steel reinforce bar without needs human assist, this done by entering the convenient dimensions of stirrups by the user via Human Machine Interface (HMI) then automatically the machine inserts the reinforce bar then bend it to the required stirrup dimensions based on the algorithm build in Programing Logic Controller (PLC).