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Nawwas, Mutaz
Alaa, Batta
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The name of our project is " Connect " which is a social media website that will have many features . In our website every user can sign up in the website and has their own profile so that the users can put their own information like profile picture. Furthermore, there is an avatar " it is like a cartoon character that can interact with user”. The website contains chat system to make users communicate with each other , also they can post on the website, like , comment on these posts and there are three types of posts for example users can make normal posts , e-commerce posts and story post; story posts mean that the post will be deleted automatically after specific time ,and e-commerce posts mean that we can buy and sell product so that users can post any product they want to sell so that our system will give all user suggestions about these products depending on their interests. Moreover, there is a search system so that users can search by name, location, and products. In addition to all of these, our web site will have voice recognition to make some website features work by sound as contrary of the existing social media website. We will have our own emojis and smiles so you can use it without any need to download any applications. Finally we will build ios mobile application that can support our website. We use a set of software tools such as HTML , HTML5 , CCS , CSS3 , PHP , SQL , Javascript , Jquery , and there are one library called annyang and it is a tiny javascript library that lets my website visitors control site with voice commands .