Money Keeper

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Hammouz, Zaina
Abdul-Aziz, Sahar
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Our project is a mobile application which will help people to manage their money especially for people who spend their money in a random way without any management or organization and may sometimes to dept from other people, so our application will enable people to manage their money properly. and help them to invest the saved money in a proper way . Our application will enable the user to enter all his imports in addition to the expenses. And specify the category "where the money is coming from or where it was spent in" the user could add category or delete it .at the beginning of the month the app will ask the user to enter his bill's the app will give the user the amount of money remains after deducting the bills and the debits ,a percentage will be specified according to the income salary for every periodically expenses if the user spent more than the specified percent in short time a notification will be sent to the user , the user can convert between the currencies' according to the value of the currency at the time of converting . There will be special plans and percentages in case of special events .We will add a map to show the user Currency exchange shops around him .We will add an advise system to the user . Our application will display graphs of expenses and imports where you can compare during the months or years you can also compare expenses with each other. There are applications that manage money, but it only calculates imports and expenses and can display graphs and lacks a lot of what we will try to add in our application such as bills tracking system advice system and the maps. We will use react- native , database to build our application .