Design of Ramallah Municipality

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Sawalha, Alaa
Othman, Ahmad
Ismail, Ghaith
Salameh, Waleed
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The Project is about redesigning of “Ramallah Municipality Building". This building will be redesigned to ensure its compliance with all environmental and structural standards. In the part of the project (Graduation project I), we will focus on collecting data and analysing designed plans from all aspects; Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental. Different codes for these aspects will be considered for checking if the design was done according to these standards or not. According to achieved results, redesign will be made in second project (Graduation Project II). Executing this project will be done in two semesters in The Academic year 2018\2019. Starting by collecting data about the building to make full study and performance analysis, make Full analysis of the architectural plans and finally making simulation analysis for thermal, acoustical, lighting and electromechanical systems as exist to evaluate its performance. This project will be done using computer programs such as, AutoCAD, Revit, DiaLux, Design-builder, Etabs 2016.