Islamic Mobile App

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Shehadeh, Asmaa
Alawneh, Nareman
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In the age of technology where everyone has become completely dependent on the Internet and mobile applications, it was important to find a place that brings all Muslims together and provides them with the basic things they need, Such as prayer times reminders. The direction of the qiblah. And Duas, with the ability for the users to choose their favorite Duas that they want to be reminded of, and they can also add their own Duas. The project supports finding the nearest mosques on the map. There will be a rosary, and Mushaf, where the users can determine al-wird and be reminded of it. The users can also listen to the Qur’anic verses and read their interpretation, the provided Mushaf can help the users to memorize the Qur’an through self-memorization tests. Users can send fiqh questions to the sheikhs and receive answers to them, the sheikhs can post these answers publicly or send them privately to the one who asked. The users can add posts under several topics, such as certainty in God, and receive likes on them.