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  Graduation project description: The main purpose of the second part of graduation project is to merge between the theoretical and practical part. This part will allow understanding the real meaning of the management and apply it in a real case that has been done.      Description of the project:   The assigned project is students schools which located in YABED; it was designed by Tubealh offices of the engineering design _ Ramallah, and contract documents from the project contractor by Al-Hamdeya for General Contracting. Its funding came from the Palestinian Ministry Of Education And Higher Education fund .This school consists of three stories and roof total area more than (1100) m2. The maximum contract interval time is 180 calendar days and the contract use in this project unit price contract.   Location:   Geographic location:  The Yabed Primary School is located in the western side of   Yabed town. Soil site: This structure was built over solid soil with bearing capacity   4 kg/m, estimated depending on the nature of the region.       Case Study:    The main problem that faces the project is time. The maximum contract interval time is 180 calendar days, but when the contractor studied the project he found that the project needs more than 180 calendar day. So, in this research it recommended to apply management techniques, and programs like primavera to control the time. This is done through: Divide the project (Work Breakdown Structure). -Quantification. -Estimate productivity. -Scheduling and estimate of the project duration.   Objectives: The contract interval time is 180 calendar days, and as explained earlier, the contractor found that the project need more than 180 calendar day, so the main goals from this research is to reduce the time to meet the time specified in the contract. Among the procedures to minimize the time of the project is by increasing the numbers of crews, and this leads to increase the productivity and thus reducing the time needed to complete the work.