Wireless charging

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fatouh, Maram
mansour, Amani
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Technology is the only thing that keeps changing to make life simpler. Therefore, the aim of our project was to transfer power wirelessly by using the phenomenon of inductive charging, which exploits the magnetic field generated between the two coils to transfer power wirelessly and to use this power for charging a mobile phone. The project consists mainly of two electrical circuits: the transmitter one and the receiver one. Initially, the power is received from a (DC) or (AC), and is eventually converted to Dc to charge the device. The basic parts that have been used are: Timer: to give high frequency pulses. Transistor: Receives the pulses from the timer and converts its voltage from DC to AC. Transmitter coil: a coil with specific specifications that is on the transmitter circuit. When the current passes through it, a magnetic field is generated and a result of the magnetic flow between the two coils the power is transferred. Receiver coil: It is a coil with a specific specifications that is on the receiver circuit, due to the magnetic flow reached, the energy transmitted through the air gap. Bridge rectifier: Converts AC to DC. Buck converter: a DC-DC converter that convert any voltage level( which was in our project equal to 20 volts) to 5 to suit the mobile charger.