Palestinian Museum Of Astronomy

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AL Sayyed, Jameela
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Project Location: Al-Obeidiya, Dar Salah, Tel Al-Qamar Bethlehem District. The reason for choosing the location: the museum offers two main services: Display (permanent and electronic) in addition to astronomical observations, which identified the project site. It is through research and networking with several destinations such as (Palestinian Space Agency), and the Student Association for Science and Astronomy (Saba), a scientific student group working under the Department of Physics at An-Najah National University, in addition to a number of interested people who are familiar with the latest news and events in this field, Two areas of monitoring in Palestine are in Hebron and Bethlehem, but the fact that An-Najah National University deals with the Bethlehem area through the establishment of camps and periodic astronomical activities under the program "Literacy in Palestine" in cooperation with UNESCO in the context of openness to scientific and scientific activities of astronomy ; I thought that Choose the most suitable site for the design of this project embraces this category in the absence of a place is equipped and designed in an integrated manner for this purpose in Palestine. Through the site analysis it illustrated the most important feature should be available from the darkness of the sky and away from light pollution and structural density that could affect the monitoring process. The design idea: I wanted to get out of the expected stereotype of the direction of curves and circles in the design of the idea was formed: At the beginning of time was a man without evidence guide him to his home until he guided by the star of the North being the brightest stars in the sky, connect the remaining lines of stars broken Fezhrt different sets larger and younger become acquainted Bear and others, which leads to all of the North star. With the most famous groups, the Big Bear, we observe that the line at first is broken by a small dispersion and ends with a cluster leading when the last star is connected visually to the North Star. He expressed the flight path of glass mass from the top without side vents along the path so that draws the attention of man into the space visually towards the top, and then take a representations Algiomitrah forms astrocytes Spaces project appeared (Department of Research and Development, assembly department, stores, multi-use halls, Reception hall, conference hall, library, permanent exhibition, interactive showroom, restaurant and astral dome (blocks are distributed on this path in a simulated experiment) dispersion - a more regular gathering featuring the main exhibition block - the imaginary line represented by a closed corridor aspects of an open top Emotional experience "not" until we get to the planetarium at the end of the path "North Star."