Design and rehabilitation of storm water network for Qaqilia city

dc.contributor.advisorHafez Shaheen
dc.contributor.authorBelal Sous
dc.contributor.authorYousef Sarsur
dc.contributor.authorTariq Shreem
dc.contributor.authorJaber Myaleh
dc.description.abstractQalqilia is suffering the storm water system problem. Only few parts of the city are served by the limited existing urban storm water draining system. The diagnostic study "development of Qalqilia storm water system" has investigated the storm water network problem and has proposed several projects as the master plan for the development of the urban draining system of Qalqilia city. Among these projects are two projects aiming to improve the draining basins as to divert rain water falling on the northern part of the city a new inlet through the Israeli separation wall surrounding Qalqilia. The second project is to rehabilitate one of the existing storm water systems as to improve its efficiency. In this project it is to study the existing storm water system and rain water condition for Qalqilia city. It is to design the draining water system serve the north eastern part and rehabilitation the above selected draining system. en
dc.titleDesign and rehabilitation of storm water network for Qaqilia cityen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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