Urban Environment Planning “Eco-City”

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Sama’neh, Mutaz
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Abstract The idea of the Eco-city comes to exist due to the massive need to it in this time. This need comes from the continuous pressure on the natural resources which makes them prone to extinction, it was firstly discussed by Richard Register. In Palestine we suffer from different barriers and limitation from urban expansion, so we can easily notice that once we find a way to expand on the land we take this chance regardless to the formal legislation and without giving the environment the importance it deserves and needs. Here we have a lot of cities and sites which are rich of environmental elements which need a special attention and cautious moves and interventions to save them, so that in my project I examined the Ecological potential in Westbank to apply the ten principles of the Eco-city. The city that I choose is Selfit after setting-up criteria in two level (Micro-level & Macro-level), These criteria helped me to find out the highest Ecological potential in Westbank, which I will do my interventions on it based on my knowledge and experience that I got in my study years. These interventions should lead us to feel a real difference to achieve the positive consequences and effects of the Eco-city. The final output which is a master plan comes to exist after a long process of analysis on four main components (Energy & Material flow, Infrastructure & Transportation, Socio-economy, Urban Form & Structure), my final output was formed to take into consideration these four components, so there are four themes in my final master plan each one of them has its interventions and projects. In order to ensure safe move to this kind of concepts we need to involve people continuously in the process and increase their awareness about the importance of paying attention to our environment which will ease the process and makes it more reliable. الملخص فكرة المدينة البيئية جاءت بسبب الاجة الماسة لها في هذا الوت خصوصا في ظل الاعتداءات المتكررة على البيئة أول من ناقش هذه الفكرة هو ريتشارد ريجستر. هنا في فلسطين نعاني من كثرة المعيقات للبناء والتوسع فما أن نجد الفصة لكي نتوسع عمرانيا حتى نتوسع بشكل يضر البيئة ويؤثر بمواردها. هنا في فلسطين لدينا الكثير من المقومات البيئية والتي تتطلب تحرك سريع ومباشر لحمايتها، وبعد دراسة هذه المقومات في الضفة عى المستوى الاقليمي والمحلي قمت اختيار مدينة سلفيت لإجرا هذا البحث، وقد قمت بتدخلات على المدينة تندرج تحت أربع عناوين رئيسية وهي الطاقة والمواصلات والبنية التحتية والجانب الاقتصادي والاجتماعي والشكل الحضري للمدينة. المنتج النهائي جاء مرحلة طويلة من التحليل والذي نتج عنه مخطط استعمالات اراضي ومواصلات يأخذ عين الاعتبار تلك العناصر الاربعة.