Design of Water & Wastewater systems for Qusin village

dc.contributor.advisorAbdel Fattah R. Hasan (Almallah)(Department Head)
dc.contributor.authorMajd jaber
dc.contributor.authorSarra Sabee Aish
dc.contributor.authorHisham Dmaidi
dc.description.abstract Adequate water supply & sanitations is apriority to palestinian people .     Qusin village , west of nablus , has an old water network , and lacks proper sanitation .  Up to now waste water is disposed off on site using cesspits. The sewage sludge and septage are disposed off by private suction trucks on the request of the individual households. The tank emptying services are provided in an uncontrolled manner, resulting in sewage and septage dumping into the neighbouring catchment .       Our objective from this project is to design & analyze the water & wastewater systems. To dose, site visits will be conducted, respective data will be collected, and special softwares programs will be used, such as AutoCAD, WaterCAD & SewerCAD. Results of the project; maps, quantities & specifications will be made available to the village concerned.en
dc.titleDesign of Water & Wastewater systems for Qusin villageen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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