Implementation of ISO 45001:2018 at AL-Rajeh Detergents Factory Co

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Raie, Malak
Halabi, Leen
Baara, Samia
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It is an application of the ISO 45001 system in the Al Rajeh factory, which is the establishment of a safety system for the factory, which is a standard system for managing occupational health and safety in the factory and ensuring the reduction of accidents and risks, and implementing a safety system in the Al Rajeh factory to protect employees, workers and visitors and to reduce losses in human lives. On sites and machines that may lead to accidents And linking the occupational health and safety system to the administrative system to know the duties of each person with this system, as these specifications cover all the risks that the worker may be exposed to, as well as how to avoid or reduce the possibility of these risks in the future. It also seeks to understand the needs and requirements of the employees, as well as the level on whom these requirements can be met while complyingwith the regulations of the law. discovered Risks are everywhere in the organization and have been analyzed to find out how to reduce these risks and reduce their occurrence through this project.