IIoT Smart Safety Helmet

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Taweel, Leen
Boulad, Sujood
Safadi, Njoud
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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become a reality thanks to the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which aims to connect as many industrial devices as possible via the internet. The smart safety helmet is one of the most important IoT industrial devices. According to a recent study from grand view research Inc., it expected that the smart helmet market size would be $1.2 Billion by 2025. In the project, a smart safety helmet was designed based on the industrial IoT in a cloud platform using ThinkSpeak which is one of the most common IoT cloud platforms. Sensors and Wi-Fi-based microchip (ESP8266) were also utilized for building the system. The system provides alerts from the most common hazardous events expected in the construction site such as falling from a height, gas leakage, sunstroke due to the high-temperature values in the working environment, and falling objects. Also, the system provides monitoring of the working environment in a real-time situation at the monitoring station by sharing and storing the measurements of the working environment data in the cloud which then allows analysis and showing results as graphs and danger levels each indicated by a specific color, for example, the red range indicates high risk, the green range indicates a safe situation and so on as well as sending signals from the wireless network to the monitoring station and vice versa as a buzzer immediately after an expected hazardous event to increase the possibility to save lives. In addition, real-time location tracking of workers periodically without any GPS hardware using Google Geo location API which depends on the scanning of nearby Wi-Fi networks and send their details to google server. Google then knows the location of each router in the network. So, it can easily approximate the location of the person.