Energy and Water Use Conservation in Nablus

dc.contributor.advisorAbdelhaleem Khader
dc.contributor.authorWafa Hasan Harb
dc.contributor.authorWaed Atabeh
dc.description.abstractIndoor Water - and energy- use vary significantly among households due to variable households water-use behaviors and varying ages and efficiencies of water appliances. As the global population continues to grow, so does our demand for water and energy, we must find ways to manage use water and energy. The project will analyze the behavioral and consumer variability in household water- and energy use for a representative number of families household in Nablus City, to identify households water and energy consumption and linkages. It will also consider a design of an optimal alternative devices consume less energy and water, for five major indoor water end-uses (toilet, shower, faucets, washing machine and dishwasher).  After the completion of this project, we will be able to reduce water consumption and energy through alternative devices or set of some addition measures to the current devices that will reduce consumption of water and energy.  en
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dc.titleEnergy and Water Use Conservation in Nablusen
dc.titleEnergy and Water Use Conservation in Nablusar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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