Sheep MilkPro

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Tassneem Abu Alrob
Alaa Yamak
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Sheep MilkPro is a design and implementation of a feeding machine for sheep and cows. It consists of four units: a Heating Unit, an Input/Output Unit, making milk and a Control Unit. To keep the water boiling, the heating appliance uses a heating element. Users of the input/ output unit can prepare milk using an LCD and a keypad. Using an Arduino Mega and an ESP8266, the Control Unit establishes communication between the components and links the machine to the mobile application. It’s mainly for water and milk stocks. The water is heated to 40 degrees to protect these animals from any health problems. Milk production takes place through a mixing process between them, after which special valves are opened so that animals obtain milk through the process of suction. The milk is passed through flow sensors so that the owner of the barn can obtain accurate information about the quantities that are consumed in each feeding, which is what matters to him from an economic point of view. The machine also has a cleaning feature, which is a process of pumping water without milk to remove residues and plankton from food. It also contains additional features such as Ultrasonic sensors that are used to get an alert of low water and milk supply, RFID for each sheep to check main information about it, and the RTC for the scheduling process, to carry out the feeding operation or cleaning operation at specific times. 3