3D Dynamic Design Of Sky face Hotel

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Ahmad AL-Nuirat
Islam Zuhd
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 This project aims to design a hotel building in Nablus city, of an area 2000 m2, 50 m length and 40 m width. The building consists of four stories, the height of the ground floor is 5.5 m, and other floors are of 4 m height. The Main objective of the project is to deal with the design of long spans which is valuable in the halls in the first floor and how to build over them in the upper floors. Also a swimming pool will be designed at the roof.To be as close as possible to reality, 3D static and dynamic models analyzed by using computer software SAP2000. ACI code 2008(the reference code) used in the project. Structure elements: Slabs, beams, columns and other elements of the building designed as reinforced concrete members. Analysis and design were done manually to verify computer results.Comparison between the static and dynamic design highlighted.