Seismic Design for AL-Azizi Building

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Abedallah Shurabi
Wael Nasasrh
Mohammed Malaysha
Khaldon Dele'
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    The project of Al-Azizi Building is located in the city of Nablus district in the western region of the city, the building is located on BaetEba Street, the building consists of one part of six floors and the high of the floor is 3m with a plan area of about 760 m.     Al-Azizi Building represents the most common buildings in Nablus, so a one way ribbed slab structural system will be analyzed and designed for seismic load, then proposed a flat plate structural system analyzed and designed, also an economic comparison between the two designs will be made. As a result, a recommendation will be given for the most economic system.     In this project SAP 2000 program will be used to make analysis and design of the structure for two systems.