Automatic Baby Cradle

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Zainab Ali Mohammad Qurie
Israa Sadeq Al-Qaroot
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Abstract:Our project is an Automatic Baby Cradle that swings automatically when baby cries, so it has a cry analyzing system which detects the baby crying voice then the cradle swings for 5 minutes, then sends sms message to mother mobile and playing the electric music bed bell to calm a crying baby, if the baby doesn't stop crying the system send another sms message to mother mobile.   The system has two sensors first is wet sensor which measure the moisture of the child towel, and temperature sensor which measure the room temperature and send an indication about sensor's measurement in the same sms message.      The main goal is to build a system helps parents and nurses to take care of their babies, also it reduces the burden on mothers because she may not get enough time to swing the cradle manually and sooth the baby, so she can take care of the home where the system take care of her baby, also it is helped mothers to feel less stress and more comfortable while she doing her house working.