Nablus Municipality

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Hamed, Ameen
Jamil Qaq, Jaser
Sholi, Mohammad
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The Nablus municipality considered as a very important Establishment for the city, and it’s the most important service institution, municipalities are considered the main nucleus of local development as they are close to the citizen. They have been laid down mainly with the aim of managing people's affairs, improving their social, economic and health status, as well as upgrading the environment in which they live. Attention to the development of municipalities and departments is considered essential in order to meet the organizational and service needs of the population. So that, the municipality need a perfect design in all respects, starting from choosing the area in which the municipality will be located until to finishing element used in the design, the importance of design stems from the fact that people need it, as good design was and remains the basis of any artistic work at all times, so the correct design is the design that is able to achieve the function for which it was designed. Therefore, the design was evaluated architecturally and compared to the required specifications and standards, and was also structurally designed to form the appropriate structure that will contain wide areas and curved slopes. Finally, the building is ecologically designed in terms of acoustic, lighting and thermal design, which will enhance the comfort of the building.