TULKARM Cultural Hub

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Tulkarm Cultural Hub – General concept Tulkarm Cultural Hub is a proposed alternative typology of modern Palestinian cultural Institutions. It address the issue of disconnection between the general public and isolated elite, while touching on the question of what do we consider as art? Is it confined? Is it only practiced by certain individuals and organizations? The Hub suggests a collective space where the many aspects of what could be considered as cultural acts meet, discuss and argue, and an experience where people can be active in the creation of culture rather than passive in receiving it, by inviting arts and everyday life of Tulkarm. User journey Site provides many interactive spaces with cultural interactions and opportunities and a public room where people can express themselves. The building itself serves as an open public exhibition Rethinking the concept of vandalism within the Palestinian fabric. Journey is characterized by three main volumes: • Memory cylinder: digital projection and hologram of major cultural events, personas and materials that had an effect on the Palestinian cultural history. • Inspiration sphere: an isolated space inside a suspended sphere in the heart of the hub, this provides a promising atmosphere of creation and innovation where works of users of the hub will be projected in an isolated context. • Observation terrace: a terrace overlooking Tulkarm with a view of the sea to the north.