Applying data mining algorithm on Al-hakim CBC data to prepare for a disease’s prediction application

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Ramadan, Aya
Taqtouq, Dania
Break, Lara
Amer, Ikhlas
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Project Abstract The main objective of the project is to prepare for an automated medical system that predicts diseases, by applying data mining on the complete blood count (CBC) data of Al-Hakim Medical Complex, initially, we have prepared the data and cleaned it, performed some descriptive analyzes, and started applying the data mining algorithms. Where the association rule was applied to find relationships between tests, and the clustering algorithm was applied, which included several methods for finding the number of clusters, such as the (Elbow method & Silhouette method), and then the last algorithm was applied which is the classification to identify each patient in the data set to which cluster belong, and each cluster has test results that differ from the other, which were determined based on the classification results, and thus preparations were made for the establishment of the medical system.