Remote Lab

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Abdullah Bishtawi
Anagheem Daraghmeh
Baha Zakarni
Marah Shubeiri
Dina Hassoun‎
Mohannad Abuzanet
Firas Rbaiah
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Remote labs enable students to conduct real-world experiments at a distance using a computer and Web-based tools. It is a realistic method of performing practical experiments in the context of distance learning. The main objective of this project is to create an efficient remote lab network in the Heat Lab. In this project, we will focus on the heat exchanger experiment by using a flow chart and a circuit design to take the measurements from the sensors and send them through the controller to the computer. As an infrastructure, we will use a server to transfer the results and we will build a software application that enables students to control the lab. Additionally, we aim to check the quality of the system and the students’ performance before and after RL by applying specific performance indicators. In this phase of the project, we have created a survey to examine students’ opinions in regards to the usage of remote labs vs. the usage of the traditional labs. Survey results showed that students preferred the traditional Labs over the remote ones. In this study, an attempt to make a modular control system was made to control the already existing machines and workbenches in the different laboratories in An-Najah National University, from anywhere remotely, turning said laboratories and their experiments into a remote lab. The heat exchanger workbench in the thermodynamics lab was the subject of the proposed system, and it ended up being a success, enabling anyone with access to the system to control and use the machines on the bench while monitoring them through live feed cameras, thus turning it into a remote lab experiment