Air quality in Nablus city

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Roa Zetawi
Sadeq Nuirat
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Air pollution is one of the oldest environmental problems known to man, and the problem of air pollution began to appear effectively and dangerously after the emergence of petroleum and the subsequent industrial revolution and economic prosperity. Where air pollution is distinguished from other forms of pollution in that it spreads quickly as its impact is not limited to the source area, but extends to neighboring and remote areas as well. Unlike other forms of pollution (water waste and solid waste).Air pollution results from natural and human sources. Human-led activities aim to provide necessary goods and services as air pollution occurs in many stages of the life cycle of products and services, i.e. from raw material extraction, energy acquisition, production and manufacturing, use, reuse, recycling, and even final disposal. One of the simplest natural resources is photosynthesis, which produces carbon dioxide. The resulting emissions undergo many types of physical and chemical transformations and contribute to a wide range of health and environmental impacts. . According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is a major environmental health hazard and is estimated to cause about two million premature deaths. around the world annually. including deterioration of air quality, toxic stress on human health and ecosystems, formation of photooxidants (smog), depletion of the spherical ozone layer (O3), climate change, deterioration of air resources, noise. 1.2 Objectives. A comparison between the values of PM2.5 measured from Air U devices in terms of: • The height of the point above sea level. • The distance and proximity to the main streets. • It is close to industrial areas.