Service Car

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Mahmood, AbuSamaha
Tamer, Nana
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In companies, employees and managers send and receive papers and other stuff among each other. It is, sometimes, the job of some other employee to take these deliverable items and send them. When there are several orders to deliver items, it needs to be arranged to deliver all the items in the shortest time and distance possible. Our project is a robotic car that manipulates the problem mentioned above. Basically, users order a delivery of an item from some place to another using a mobile app. The service car receives the order and figures out when and how to take and deliver the item. There should be some communication protocol between the app instances and the car. We have built the robotic car using Arduino. In which we implement the map representation, shortest path algorithm, map localization, collision avoidance and communication with the server and the mobile app. A website is necessary to draw the map and monitor the process. Employees install our mobile app to manage their orders.