Vacuum Forming Machine Design

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Ahmad Hamadneh
Hamdan Awayes
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This project consists of designing and creating a vacuum forming machine. It aims to use simple and economic materials for the making of a reliable machine that makes products with acceptable dimensions and finishes to integrate them within the local market. The applications of the machine are expected to meet the increasing local demands on products of relatively small quantities. In addition, Vacuum-forming helps with what is called “Rapid Prototyping” that allows the development of new products and prototypes over simple wood patterns. This grants the owner of the machine good control over their small business. Vacuum forming machines are hard to buy due to their high prices and the complexity of importing such machines here in Palestine. In this project, we built the vacuum forming machine from scratch. We had done so by studying the process of vacuum forming and then made decisions for the parts and sizes based on the electrical, mechanical and software nature of the machine desired. These parts are assembled and put together in the most efficient manner to get the best possible outcome. The machine works with different types of thermoplastics; it deals with each type of plastic depending on its chemical properties and thickness by controlling the heating time to get the best results. The main objectives of this project are: 1. To build a reliable Vacuum Forming machine. 2. To provide model makers, design studios, product R & D labs, and college students with cheap and acceptable designs as an alternative to the 3D printer or CNC machined parts that are usually more expensive. Noting that in the West Bank there are no vendors that offer Vacuum-forming services for relatively small quantities. 3. Help small businesses by providing them with a good vacuum forming services while not requiring very large quantities to be produced.