Garbage Collector

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Aya, Arafat
Shaima’, Albzoor
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Garbage Collector is a robot that scans the rooms and corridors to collect the trash and search for rubbish bin to empty its bin. It can pick up bottles, papers and carton cups. The robot has rubbish bin so it can collect multiple items before empty them in the ordinary rubbish bin. Garbage Collector size is designed to not bother or interface with people movements. Garbage Collector helps the cleaner to collect the rubbish so they don’t have to look for the trash in each floor. It can notify the cleaners if there are liquid spots on the floor and it can’t deal with it. The robot basically is tank that carries the other components. The Camera and the Raspberry used to detect the items and avoid obstacles. We used Robotic Arm with gripper to pick and collect the items and we assembly the arm to fit with our project. The Robotic Arm and the tank controlled via Aruino nano. At this stage of project, the Robot can catch the bottles and place them in its bin. Also it can search for the ordinary recycle bin and park beside it.