Ibn Battuta GIS System

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Sondos Antari
Sondos Salama
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Our project aims to create a fully functioning GIS system for Palestine. The worldly common GIS systems tend to miss a lot of important details when it comes to Palestine- not to mention that its rarely up to date. Our project is design to access all kind of important data sorted in the Ministry of Local Government database, and then display it in a modern internet GIS system, to be accessed in a useful and simple way. Therefore providing more detailed data thats completely up to date.The most important aspect of our project is providing a smart system to parse the huge amount of data in Ministry of Local Government database to more useful and practical form. This system should be clear, professional and most importantly; flexible enough to be used in future projects. More so, the UI should be user friendly and able to compete against the famous GIS systems.The main objective of the project would be creating a competitive and useful web based GIS system.In the beginning of this project, we will start with the data parsing process from the Ministry of Local Government database to the local server. This step would take most of the project timeline, as its the most important and complicated one. We will aim to create a professional system that could be easily used in our project and other projects in the future.Following that would be the display process, where we used the output of the first part and display it on a modern UI system (web page). We will make sure that the user can access all kind of details easily.Later on, more functionality or a mobile application with specific functions, could be added to the project if the need arose.
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