Analysis and design of water and sewer networks and cost estimation of the sewer network for the village of Saffarin

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Mohammed Jameel Jallad
Adeeb Mahmoud Hasan
Ahmad Ataya
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Saffarin Village is located South-East of Tulkarem Governorate. It rises 300 m above mean sea level, and 12 km away from Tulkarem city. The Village covers about 10,000 dunums and has a population of about 754 capita. This project aims to analyze the existing water distribution network in Saffarin Village, and evaluate the value of the water losses in the existing network, because that the village suffer from high losses and very high price of water. Due to the existing network is eroded we will design a water network by using WaterCad that serves the population for the next 30 years. To ensure providing a good continuous supply of water for all citizens and to achieve an economic cost and the appropriate standards of the velocity, pressure and enough flowrate for each junction. To achieve the above objective, several tasks will be conducted during the semester. The first step will be distributing a questionnaire to study the situation currently in the village. Secondly, the questionnaire will be analyzed and information will be collected. The third step, the data will be converted to a WaterCad shapefile. Finally, Study the results that will be obtained from WaterCad, and design the water distribution network. Sewage water in the village of Saffarin is disposed of by Septic Tank due to the lack of a Sewage network. To ensure the rapid transfer of polluted water beyond the limits of the inhabited area, Sewage network will be designed by SewerCad. Based on the above, the main outcome from the project are Water Supply Network and Sewage network that will serve the population of Saffarin for the next 30 Years. In graduation project П, based on the approved Palestinian specifications, the quantities and costs of the sewage project were calculated to become an integrated project that can be implemented in reality.