Modern secondary school design

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Braik, Esra’a
Abd Alsalam, Saja
Jawhari, Sarah
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Graduation projects are one of the most efficient ways to learn as they force you to apply skills you have learned throughout your university years. We have chosen a school design to be our graduation project as we well aware the importance of this project that will give us more knowledge about school’s standards. We are looking to make an integrated school design that should considers different aspects such as, architectural, structural, electromechanical and environmental. There are some phases we may have. First of all, there is the phase of searching about requirements and standards of schools’ designs. Secondly, the case study analysis and trying to pick the benefits of its design. Thirdly, there is the phase of data gathering and concepts exploring. Lastly, the phase of design with the mentioned aspects. Our main objectives are concise in learning. At first, learning is much more interactive than it used to be, and the use of technology abounds and the school building that students learn in should reflect that. Secondly, energy-efficient schools save energy and water to reduce utility costs for schools, and they protect the health and well-being of students and teachers. Moreover, it is successful in achieving three major goals, minimized environmental impact, improved occupant health, and environmental and sustainable literacy for the society.