Integrated Four Stars Hotet

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Abdat, Angham
Odeh, Nida’a
Halaweh, Reem
Amarneh, Wa’d
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Tourism sector is considered as one of the most important pillars and the foundation of economy recovery worldwide. Palestine owns special history and heritage which makes it one of the most attractive countries for tourism. In Palestine, a high focus is made on tourism projects that will revive the country economically and medially. These projects include the construction of different types of hotels. Thus, design of resort hotel has been selected as a graduation project. The hotel is located in Nablus specifically in Beit wazan .This site was chosen due to the availability of featured views and the special location. The project will be designed in an integrated way, which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects. The architectural design takes into consideration the form and orientation of the building, and the appropriate areas for each which depend on the function of that part, and the environmental requirements. In the structural design, the structure will be designed using computer software. There for the structure will be analyzed using 3D model, soil structure interaction and dynamic analysis. The HVAC, water, and sanitary systems will be designed through mechanical design. In addition, the electrical design will include lighting and power systems. Finally, emergency exits, alarm system, and fire protection system will also be included in the public safety design. At the end, a report that includes all design details and conditions, a table of quantities and shop drawings will be submitted in a scientifically written report.