Design and manufacture a leafy vegetables harvesting machines.

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Mohammad Toubeeh
Alaa Toubeeh
Abdallah Aljohari
Wasem Ashour
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This project presents the concept of the design and manufacture of leafy vegetables cutting machine. Cutting crops is an important stage in agriculture, where agriculture especially in Palestine, needs to focus on some situations, such as how to increase productivity and profit, how to reduce cost and employment efforts. Currently in Palestine, the method used to cut leafy vegetables is the traditional method, that is cutting using labor. but that's the way it is time consuming and expensive. The cutter which is operated specifically for cutting off various low- level paper crop items, was manufactured. There are some steps in making this machine, such as drawing a model using an appropriate program and testing the performance of this device. So, the goal is to create and test. The cutter is simple in construction and easy to operate, as fast cutting helps encourage farmers to grow larger areas. In fact, applying purely mechanical knowledge to improve the quality of work with minimal labor and time, the field of agricultural equipment research is still a fertile ground for innovative ideas. The assembled harvester has been tested for its working and found to be working satisfactorily. It makes the harvesting process faster and safer, hence reduces the time required to harvest. This newly designed mini leafy vegetables harvester will ultimately reduce the cost of harvesting by 97%