Structural Analysis And Design of Darwich Building

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Maher Taha
Khaled Sleem
Amer Abufares
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Project title: Structural Analysis and Design of Darwich Building. Overview: In this project, we are going to make analysis and design building which lies in Nablus city as a multi-storey building, the proposed design of the whole building will be evaluated to resist gravitational loads as well as wind loads and earthquake loading. At first, we are going to calculate the loads which the building is subjected to consisting of dead load, live load and earthquake load. In addition, we will find the reduction factors for these loads; this all will be done according to the ACI code. Complete SAP design will be done and all necessary checks will also be performed to make sure of our structural properties, all structural parts as footings, columns, slabs and beams will be designed in details. The main reference in the designing process will be the American Concrete Institute ACI code. However, we may refer to the Jordanian code for some details in our area such as climate, rain, wind speed, snow height ... etc. The building consists of six floors and a basement; also shear walls will be added to act with the columns for the lateral resistance of the building and also to increase its rigidity.     Conclusion From our dynamic studies of the building we found that the building is subjected to extra torsion from the dynamic forces, the appearance of this torsion led us to find a way in order to improve the dynamic response of the buildings we recommend adding more shear walls to resist the torsion effect. On the other hand, using a lot of shear walls in the building will make the design non-economical so the design must balance between the requirements and the economical matters.          
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