Analysis and redesign of water network for Sabastia Village

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Abdurra'oof Huwari
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The aim of the project is to analyze the existing water distribution network in Sabastya village and based on the analysis to modify or design the network to meet the requirements for the next 30 years Sabastya Town is an old town and is recognized as a famous touristic place since it has so many ancient monuments including the Roman Theatre and others. Sabastya is located in the North west corner of Nablus Governorate and has a total population of   3200 capita. To meet the above objectives, the study main methodology can be summarized in the following main tasks: Collect all data needed including population and their distribution, data regarding the water network, data regarding water sources in the area, meteorological data, socio-economic data, topography.Analyze the existing water network and reach conclusions regarding any needed upgrading to the network after calculating the future water demands needed for the town of Sabastya.Design the new water network to meet the future water demand for the next 30 years using the computer software waterCAD.
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