Evaluation of Existing Pavement Distress for Part of Nablus City Road Network by Utilizing ArcMap-GIS

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Wedad Emad Zyoud
Rasha Mahmoud Abu Amer
Hind Khalid Tayem
Bayan Rabah Dweikat
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The students selected Nablus city to apply their case study because it is one of the most important Palestinian cities in different aspects. Nablus is considered the capital of North West Bank. Recently, several important and vital roads in Nablus have different types of pavement defects and distresses. Accordingly, it is very important to study these defects such as Alligator Cracking, Block Cracking, Longitudinal (Linear) Cracking, Transverse Cracking, Edge Cracks, and Joint Reflection Cracks, deformations, etc. Any road network is expected to suffer from these problems during their life cycle. These problems are negatively affect road users and consequently may cause traffic accidents. The case study includes major city roads with a total length of about 6500 meters. These roads are chosen in the western area of Nablus, including Rafidia (Yasser Arafat), Adeeb Mihyar ,Omer ibn Al-Khattab and Mohd Bin Rashid Al-Maktom roads .In Graduation Project 1, the roads are divided into sections in both directions with 100 meters long and the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is calculated to assess the status of each section. In Graduation Project 2, the GP team collect data, like coordinates, station and the existing pavement distresses in terms of density and severity for each type of defects. The objective of this study is the same of the Graduation Project 1, but by using different method and more accurate which is to evaluate the pavement conditions of the selected targeted roads by utilizing GIS software and by using different method of interpolation such as IDW, Spline, Trend and Kriging methods ,and select the best method, then the result of traditional and GIS were compared .The Graduation Project team was assessed the conditions of the pavement and studied specific type of defects that exists in the targeted roads in terms of severity and density. After that, all collected data were inserted in the GIS software including covering all targeted roads and several maps were prepared and generated. The GIS software was used to present the evaluation of each point and the proposed maintenance based on the PCI value which was calculated by GIS software using interpolation prosses. The study helps in identifying the sections or points on roads that need priority in maintenance. Moreover, the cost of the action and treatment applied are easy to be calculated for each section. The collected data are expected also to help in predicting the future 5 conditions of the targeted sections and accordingly identified the proper maintenance strategy and actions. The GP students collected all relevant data for the targeted roads in the study area by visiting the site. The students collect data for each defect in term of coordinates, station and the existing pavement distresses in terms of density and severity for all roads in both directions. Finally, this project is expected to help Nablus municipality in identifying the critical sections that need urgent maintenance which will contribute in saving time and money. Moreover, the road serviceability in terms of riding comfort is expected also to be improved and accordingly minimizing traffic accidents.