Smart POV Display

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Zakaria, Noor
Jabr, Hala
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Smart POV clock is a table clock based on persistence of vision technology. Which relies on an object with leds gives the full clock while rotation. The project is a prototype of a new style of clock that relies on persistence of vision. We are going to generate a rotating base that gives two displays from the top and side which make it difference from other POV projects that make one display from the top only. The project can display a real time clock with its clockwise on the top. It can also display the weather, day and date at the side. The time and the weather will be real, we will take from Google using the raspberry pi. We will also connect it with the mobile in order to decide what to display either the weather, time, date or any word by write it in the mobile application. Then we can decide where to display on the top or on the side.