World without wall - Storytelling Museum

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مجد عودة
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A Palestinian Storytelling Museum on a part of the apartheid wall - after the liberation -, as the wall is an intensification of the substitutionary settlement project based mainly on the policy of ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel (the occupying power) in the occupied Palestine. The idea of this research stemmed from the reality experienced by the Palestinian people from fragmentation, difficulty of movement, land confiscation, killing and displacement as a result of the occupation policies. All these crimes have to be documented in a museum directed to all people from all over the world. This research includes a general explanation about the project starting from talking about the history of the wall, then the importance and need of the project. Then we moved on to analyze similar case studies. After that we analyzed the project program, and we came out with approximate areas and functional relations. Finally, we chose a site for the project and analyzed it from all climatic, historical and other aspects. The final chapter shows the final architectural result which includes the concept, 2D architectural drawings and 3D rendering shots.