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Hamzeh Mohammad Saleh
Mohammad Jawad Mubaslat
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Nowadays Technology and smart devices have become mandatory things that no one can live without, and they have entered all as pects of life. Many people always look for convenience and luxury in any place or time. In their home, work, and car. So they start looking for tools to finish their jobs at the proper time and in a perfect way while they doing something else. Many people used to drink coffee in the morning or when work ing, that’s because coffee has many advantages such as increasing brain activity, helping us to stay focused and alert, and also it helps on burning fat. According to that, our project presents a smart coffee machine called MoonBucks Machine which will offer modern technology for ordering coffee. Our machine has two ways of ordering, the first one is by using a mobile phone by connecting to the machine’s WIFI network, and the second one is by using the attached Keypad and the LCD screen. Our Machine will detect the size of the mug and fill it according to its size, so all you have to do is just putting your mug and choose your coffee from the menu which contains 4 types of coffee drinks, normal coffee, black coffee -no sugar-, extra sugar coffee, and dark coffee. Moreover, making coffee requires some ingredients such as cof fee, water, sugar, and coffee mate. So if any of these ingredients were missing the machine will notify the owner to fill in the empty ingredients.