An-Najah National University Hospital

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Jamila Bani Odeh
Safaa Abu Qassidu
maya Yaseen
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An-Najah National University Hospital which is located in Assira Street in Nablus. The project have a three blocks (A, B and C) which consist of a five basements, and ground floor. The fifth basement consists of only two blocks B and C with an area of ( 2084 m2). The ground floor and rest basements have a three blocks A, B and C with an approximate area for block A (2780 m2), for block B (1292 m2 ), for block C (792 m2 ), and the height of each floor equal 4m. The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concreate members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318 for seismic design and UBC 97 will be use. All blocks in project will be analyzed and designed by using computer software (SAP2000), and the results will be checked by hand calculations. In addition AutoCAD will be used in drawing sections and details.
  ,    (A, B, C) , .  (B & C) 2048 ,   ; 2780 A , 1292 B , 792 C , 4 .   (ACI 318) , (UBC 97). (SAP 2000 version 14) , (AutoCAD)