Cultural Center In Nablus City

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Mabrokeh, Rushdi
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Sustainable urban design and the cultural heritage of Nablus The project is part of the urban design of Nablus city in the eastern part of the alkasara and isead alttufula. A project proposed by the Municipality of Nablus in accordance with its strategic plan regarding the development of the city and its facilities. Which was a cooperative program between the Nablus city and the French city (Lille). It was start in 2014 Project Concept: Reviving the eastern part of the Nablus city by creating a new life in the region and promoting and developing existing functions, where the project includes the following elements: - Green zone to activate green areas in the eastern part of the city and serve the people. - A special area for children serving all age groups. - Multiple indoor and outdoor showrooms. - Multipurpose hall. - Cultural center to promote culture in the city. - Restaurant and kiosks to serve visitors. - A wide walkway for walking and connecting all elements of the project. - Car parking serving the project area Design strategies: 1- The urban design by connecting the archeological Tal Blata with the old electricity buildings by a pedestrian walkway also raising the level of the matorat street to facilitate the traffic and the passage of visitors coming from Tal Balata with the electricity buildings. 2- Arranging the street furniture and providing sufficient number of parking and taxis. 3 - Design the garden on the organic system and connect the parts of the project with each other by a path for people divides two tracks of running track and walking track. 4 – Designing a cultural center which is the main building of the graduation project where the idea is centered for providing sufficient lighting and ventilation for functions where it was initiated by designing a green open roof through which the lighting enters to the library and also to connect people from the bottom level in the garden to the upper street level and ending with the main theater block, In addition to the southern facade, the main source of natural lighting for the project. Elements of the Cultural Centre: 1 - Theatre and its services. 2- Cinema Hall and its services. 3. The museum. 4- Reception and waiting halls. 5- Services and stores. 6 - Library and educational halls. 7- Restaurant 8. Multi-purpose hall 9. Exhibition 10. Management