Analysis of Water Distribution Network and design waste water collection network for Al-Zababida- Jenin

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Ahmad Wael” Ali Hussein
Mohamad Jamal Kmail
Aysar Osama Isbeih
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Water distribution network is a system used to transfer water from its sources to the residents for human uses, such as the agricultural and industrial uses, through pressurized pumping system. Al-Zababida town is located 15 kilometers away southeast from Jenin city. In 2017, the total population of the town was approximately 4261 capita living in the town, in addition to 1500 capita living near the Arab American university (student campus). The town rises about 314m above mean sea level and the total surface area is approximately 2586 dunm. Al-Zababida has a variety of terrains with some plain and steep lands. Its surrounded by two mountains from south and west and flat area from other sides. Al-Zababida water distribution network (WDN) was created in 2003, the WDN suffers some problems, such as pressure problems. As a result of pressure problems, water does not reach some buildings, the sewer network wasn’t created. The objective of this project is to analyze the existing water distribution network in Al-Zababida town. The WDN problems will be detected using WATERCAD software, and some variable solutions should be found, and we will design sewer network for the town using SEWER CAD software. To achieve the objective of this project, the data about of al-Zababida town such as contours, roads routs, building and existing water network will be collected from the municipality of Al-Zababida. Also, the required general data about al-Zababida town such as meteorological data, socio-economic data, topography and its population will be collected. Moreover, a questionnaire will be distributed to collect further data regarding the study area and compare with gained results to help improving the results. After analysis process the WDN it was found that the pressure is high in the pipes and the speed is low but the network is in good status. After designing the WWCN it was found that the velocities were too small and the cover depth was ok, in general the design is efficient to serve al-Zababida town.