Design of Waste Water Collection Network For Kufr AL-Deek village.

dc.contributor.authorAdham Shawahnih
dc.contributor.authorJehad Hussein
dc.contributor.authorMahammad Hamad
dc.description.abstract           The project is mainly to study and prepare conceptual design for wastewater system for Kufr AL-Deek village .         Kufr AL-Deek is located in the north of west bank about 18 KM from salfit. The village has no  wastewater collection system and septic tanks are used to dispose of wastewater . There are several problems due to the non safe disposal of wastewater . A Study has conceptual that septic tanks causes environmental pollution through flooding to the surrounding areas , and its causing odors and collection insects and rodents . The main objectives of this project are:   1- Conceptual design of a wastewater collection system.   2- Estimate the total cost for the project .   To solve this problem we will design a sewage collection system to service Kufr AL-Deek village by  using sewerCAD software, this solution included waste water drainage ,hydraulic analysis , social and economic study.     Justifications for selection of the study area:         There are many reasons lead us to choose Kufr AL-Deek village to be the area of study :   1 A vailable and accessible : Kufr AL-Deek village is a home town for one of the team members, so we can get any data we want,and we have a good vision about the area.   2 The village has no wastewater collection network , so we want to provide some thing new and usefull.   3 Decrease or elimenate the effects of the septik tanks on the soil and enviroment.   4 The government decided to establish a station treatment at this region for several years ago , put it stopped just because of political reasons, that means the outlet of the network will be directed to the station.en
dc.titleDesign of Waste Water Collection Network For Kufr AL-Deek village.en
dc.typeGraduation Project
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