Energy Aware Software Defined Radio system using USRPs

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Balatia, Reem
Salman, Hanadi
Jaber, Waseem
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Global consumption of energy is increasing rapidly, as energy is the engine of social and economic development. Therefore, classical energy sources are endangered of running out. This is a global problem that should be dealt with seriously. There is an increasing crucial need for alternative, renewable, or so called green energy sources. One example of green energy sources is solar systems. These systems harvest energy from sun and store it in batteries to be used for supplying energy for homes, factories, telecommunication systems, etc. For a telecommunication system, regardless of how it is powered, it is necessary that energy is available on demand at any time. Moreover, the energy source must insure continuous operation of the system. The optimized usage of the energy stored is a critical issue to get full benefit from the solar systems, where the amount of energy stored depends on weather conditions. The present project demonstrates a telecommunication system-SDR system using USRP devices- that is energy aware and it adapts its parameters in accordance with the available power from the solar system, in order to optimize the usage of this power, as well as, to keep a smooth communication services for users. One approach to achieve this requirement is to adapt the modulation technique. When the saved power level is low, lower modulation schemes will be used and vice versa. For lower modulation schemes lesser amount of data can be transmitted for a given bandwidth and it's more immune to noise. So the telecommunication system will perform its functions efficiently. But when the saved power level is high, higher modulation can be used in order to enhance the system.