Website And System Analyst For Online Store For Selling Car Parts "OH MY CAR"

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Abu-Dawoud, Lina
Hamad, Sa’eed
Khawaled, Fatima
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Overview About Project: OH MY CAR is an e-commerce website leading a huge amount of car accessories (external and internal ) like car wrapping, car connectors, and many other brands. At OH MY CAR, you can find the best quality car parts available at an affordable price with the best customer service. We chose this idea to shed light on the Auto parts stores. OH MY CAR is an automated website that provides the best-qualified auto parts. Our suggested website will be your partner that stays with you 24 hours a day. Designs are categorized to serve the largest customer segments to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. Our goal isn't only to provide the necessary parts for the car, but to ensure 100% customers satisfaction and make them feel happy. The site consists of two interfaces: first, the customer's interface consists of four pages: home, about us, store, contact us. These elements are created in order to show products, complete the purchase process, give website general information, collect customers' information. Second, the Admin interface is designed for adding new products to the customer’s interface, checking products (sold out, back in stock, new arrival, lack...), and ordering new and refill products for inventory from suppliers, receiving customer orders, displaying all information and comments from customers, and communicating with them.