Smart Home

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Khaseeb, Aseel
Aldeek, Noor
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Smart Home The smart home automated control system ia an integrated system to help elderly and disabled people with an easy-to-use home automation system that can be fully operated based on android application.The system is portable and constructed in a way that is easy to install , configure ,run and maintain. A typical wireless smart home automation system allows one to control house hold appliances centralize control unit which is wireless. This project demonstates a system that can be integrated as a single portable unit and allows one to wirelessly controls lights , fans ,air condition , electronic doors,etc and turn on or off any appliances.The overall system is controlled from an android application which is cennected to controllers through different modues. Here in our project we will check and control tempreture ,humidity and motion .when tempreture is high so we will run cooling and when it is low we will run heating.To know if there is a motion around we will use the motion sensor alarm .our system will be able to control the house lighting,also we can use water pump to irrigate the garden around house ,also we can run the water pump for a period of time we want or by manual controls.To reserve power and money,if there is no motion inside home so the system will turn off the light and conditioning .Moreover ,We can also check if there is a fire inside the house and then the system will extinguish it automatically Also ,the house will be secure by a door lock which any one have a card or password can pass it and we can use a button inside home to open the door for any one we want him to enter home once he forget the card or the password .