BIM Assessment For AL-Qalb Al Kabeer Project

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Faisal Hamad
Ghassan Ikhlaif
Qutaiba Rabyah
Yazan Khalil
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Construction industry has its important role in economic growth by developing social, cultural sectors and by creating job opportunities. And so, systems for evaluating and assessment building became common such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) system. BIM has been used widely in architecture design in order to its creativity. This parametric software enables contractors, architects and other consultants to work together and cross collaborate to produce a final product with high properties and specifications. Building can be edited digitally by using BIM which enhances the efficiency of AIC (Architecture, engineering and construction) world. This project will apply BIM system on a new building of Al-Qalb Al-Kabeer School in Qalqilya Governorate. It is about 3401.6 square meter total area. It has two main buildings, the first one is school building which consists of three floors, it has 2476.6 square meter area and the second building is the Residential Building which consists of four floors and it has 925 square meter area. The main advantages of BIM in this project are it saves time, cost and quality, in the other hand BIM has the ability to make early decisions in making evaluation and analyzing designs before starting construction process. Many software will be used in this project, mainly Revit software to calculate quantities, estimate cost and drawing 3D building, and Primavera p6 will be used for scheduling project time. The main objectives of this project are: 1-Reviewing the main construction design plans and diagrams 2-Calculating quantities, detailed costs and scheduling project time in order to minimize cost and time to the lower limit. 3-Finally comparing the calculated time and cost with the actual ones from the contractor of the project